Personal Touches in Your Acknowledgement Process

By | June 25, 2018

Many gifts made through the phonathon are based on genuine, meaningful connections made between the caller and the prospect. It stands to reason that your acknowledgement process should be equally personal.

If your organization sends acknowledgements in a standard form letter, make your phonathon letters more distinct. Thank them specifically for giving over the phone and include the caller’s name, if possible.

Some phonathons have an off-season, such as those in higher education. You can use this opportunity when the call center is empty to make thank-you calls. Since these conversations are generally much shorter than solicitation calls, you only need a small handful of callers on staff.

Lastly, your callers should take the time to hand-write a note for every gift. Provide a list of ideas or samples, but avoid templates. These notes should thank the donor for the specific gift and include some personal details from the conversation, so you can’t rely on a rigid structure. While this might not be possible for a huge operation, it shouldn’t be too time consuming for most phonathons to either send individual notes along with their standard letter or as a separate mailing.

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