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Incentives for Exceptional Callers

Your strongest callers don’t always expect to receive incentives beyond their compensation, but recognizing exceptional performance is as much a part of preparing for future campaigns as it is about rewarding progress in your current campaign. A straightforward caller incentive program is an investment in your future success, setting an example to callers of the… Read More »

How Many Times Should We Call?

Deciding on how to limit the number of call attempts can be difficult. If you call too much, you risk damaging relationships and your future campaigns. If you call too little, you’re likely missing opportunities to make connections. While there’s disagreement over the best practice, we’re fortunate to have access to studies that examine where… Read More »

Personal Touches in Your Acknowledgement Process

Many gifts made through the phonathon are based on genuine, meaningful connections made between the caller and the prospect. It stands to reason that your acknowledgement process should be equally personal. If your organization sends acknowledgements in a standard form letter, make your phonathon letters more distinct. Thank them specifically for giving over the phone and… Read More »