Ten Common Supervisor Responsibilities

By | June 28, 2018

Verifying Gifts

If your policies include verifying gifts over a certain level, your supervisors can be a great help when you have multiple gifts coming in at the same time.

Mentoring Callers

Probably the most common responsibility for supervisors is being a trustworthy source of knowledge to advise and guide your callers.

Training New Callers

Assisting or leading training sessions should be reserved only for the most experienced supervisors, but those who can rise to the challenge will be valuable to your program.

Thanking Donors

Similarly to verifying gifts, thanking donors is low-pressure way to introduce your supervisors to their new role.

Running Motivational Games

Games that are tied to in-shift performance are useful motivational tools, but require the time, attention and enthusiasm of a senior leader to be effective.

Interviewing for Callers

Much like training, interviewing callers is a responsibility for senior staff who know the necessary qualities of a successful caller.

Assigning Calls

An essential part of setting up the shift, your leadership will appreciate you trusting them to prepare the calling schedule.

Tracking Caller Performance

While your senior staff mentor the callers, it’s important they track the overall and individual performance in the call center to ensure everyone is on track.

Organizing Parties

It might be the most enjoyable part of their role, but planning a caller party can require some effort, so it’s helpful to have their assistance.


Some managers forget to keep their senior staff on the phone. While your supervisors are also likely to be your strongest callers, it’s important that they continue to call, even in a limited capacity, to avoid falling out of touch with the rest of the call center.

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